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Dashing Dashboard

Simple and easy to use dashboard design for the user, you can easily recognize key features and experience convenient navigation. It will provide you with the setup instruction as well as help videos for further usage of software. Classified sections on each and every features adds more transparency to academic administration.

Separate Login for each User

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We provide separate login for every user along with the ability to choose their accessible permission. Every user has their personalized dashboard according to the permissions given to them. Admin is the user which has all the control over the functionality of software. He is able to perform all the process and view all the reports of a user.

Different user which access our web server along with the app are-

  • Admin-He is the whole sole in charge of all the functions of the software. He can manage all the data of school by creating a class, students, staff, and users.
  • Teacher-Teacher can access all the features in which they have permissions. They can use this software for online submission of homework report, exam report, checking the timetable.
  • Student- Student have their separate account through which they are able to get information related to homework, timetable, their attendance. They can also attend online exam created by a teacher on a particular subject for a particular chapter on their free time. They can access it on school app or web account from anywhere according to their choice. They will receive notification for every single event of their class. 
  • Parents- Parents can view their child homework report, exam report, attendance, timetable and can directly contact to teachers for any query. They can have all these information available on school app and the web in their account. They will also receive all the information through notification.

Everything you need to know


Fee Payment/Transaction

Fee Payment – This module is to keep record of fee information of every student. This is an easy process to maintain fee record in a secure and robust manner. All information about student’s fee like fee submitted or fee remaining and fine imposed on them. Students records can be easily retrieved during fee payment making them time saving for both students and staff. In […]

Student Admission

Admission-A cloud based data management system to enter all details of student admitted in school, their personal details ,parents information all in one place and this can be done from anywhere. Now doing entry in database is just some clicks away, you can do it from app also from anywhere at anytime. So you can complete your work at home also by signing in app […]


Front office details

Front office work comprises of various kind of works. This includes maintenance of school records, managing correspondence, greeting guests, answering phone calls. We need to keep a record of all these things for this we require a online data management system. This system will provide all the facilities to store retrieve and maintain records in an efficient manner. This module is available for data management […]

Get started with ZeroERP Education

school management softwareOTP Verification

To sign up with ZeroERP first step is to enter your working email ,this will generate an OTP which is used for OTP verification.


school management softwareRegistration

After OTP verification you need to register your school by entering some detail. This will create your schools database and account to proceed.


school management software

Ready to Use

Your school management software is ready to use.Enjoy keeping all your school detail in an easy to use database management system-ZeroERP Education .