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Importance of Bus Tracking System

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A school bus has a responsibility to keep their students and staff safe and updated parents about delays that keep their children from getting home on time.GPS school bus tracking system can assist with both of these things. With the right system, a school bus dispatcher can have up to date information about bus location, bus driver, and vehicle performance. REASONS WHY SCHOOL BUS GPS […]

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“EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON THAT WE CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD” Education, if looked beyond its conventional boundaries, it forms a very essence of all our actions.What we do is what we know and what we have learned.Learning is a continuous process.Our mind is always processing new information. Receiving a good education helps empower us, thus making you strong enough to look […]

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Comparison between Smart Education and Tradition Education Sytem

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Technology has become a part of life, it is envisioned as an ambitious umbrella to bridge education among the unreachable children living in remote areas. Technology has benefitted in every aspect of our life from social communication to education. It has transformed education methodology from traditional to virtual/smart education. In ancient times education used to be provided in gurukul, under the tree with a single […]

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Is technology a part of quality education

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If you talk about embracing innovations, the education sector is not falling behind in trend with the new advancements. There are various advancements that are re-molding the advanced education industry and helping schools to concentrate more on a quality institution. One such surely understood innovation changing the advanced education system is the school administration software. Schools are organizations who need to structure their scholarly activities […]

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Zeroerp launched in New school

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Everyday with a small step we progress towards a successful future of zeroerp education. We believe to move in a forward direction with focus on providing better facility to society, bridging the gap of communication along with a goal of simplifying school management for providing better facility to user and administrators of school. Zeroerp aims to reach every nook and corner of the country and […]

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School Registration in ZeroERP Education software

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Watch video on you tube Registration in ZeroERP Education  Step:1st- Registration in ZeroERP Education software please click the sing-up button. Step:2nd- In Zero ERP Education software Please enter your valid email in and click send request button and OTP send your email ID. Step:3rd- Please enter OTP number and click send request button. Step:4th- Fill your contact information like name, Email address, mobile number and contact […]

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Transaction management software for school | ZeroERP Education

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Watch video on you tube Transaction management software  Step:1st-Transaction management software is managed school, colleges and coaching. these system records manage expense account and income account. Step:2nd-In transaction management software so please select expense option and create the expense account for school. Step:3rd- Add expense account value so please Click setting option and select master entry option. Step:4th- Add new master entry now you have to […]

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School ERP Front office management software | ZeroERP Education

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Watch video on you tube School front office management  Step:1st- Front office management software manages school visitor, school enquiry, and school complaint candidate record. so please select front office option and manage record. Step:2nd- Add call information in the front office management software. first of select user response and adds the mobile number, follow up date, user name, address etc then click the add button. […]


Benefits of cloud computing ERP in schools

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Cloud computing software is simply set of ERP applications that are provided to users over the internet. Users have to use the web browser to run this application. Usually, cloud based application is not installed on computer’s hard drive in an organization, it is installed over the internet at a remote location. Schools that have integrated cloud ERP for their day to day management processes have […]

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Fee Management in school-A responsibility

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Every school has a financial department which plays an important role in schools development and profit. It is the main sector which needs good employees with better understanding of fee related issues. Earlier in 90’s era when everything was done with hands and every record was kept on files, it used to be a tedious work to manage fees and require specialist to manage it. […]