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Assignment Tracker and Evaluation System

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Evaluation is an integral part of Education, Learning efficiency can only be derived by an efficient simple and integrated tool that allows a student to constantly monitor progress and evaluate his understanding of a topic. Assignments are the method to revise, review and reinforce concepts taught in an educational institute, assignments complement teaching and are an integral part of an education institute. Assignment evaluation and […]

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Online exam software and android app | ZeroERP Education

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Online exam software is one of the features of school software to conduct practice exam for a student through a cloud-based system. It can be accessed by a student from anywhere on any device and thus makes it easier for them to attend according to their free time. It provides a feature to set an exam for a particular class, subject and topic. It gives […]

Examination Management System

Examination Management System | ZeroERP Education

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Step:1st – Student exam marks setup you have to enter student exam detail and add more information about a exam .exam module is a most important part of a Zero school management software . step:2nd Now you have to create school software master entry please click master entry option then add grade value in school software . step:3rd Add grade value in zeroErp school software […]

Fee management software

Fee management software | Fee management system| ZeroERP

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Step:1st -Fee management software module includes features like define fee type , class fees, update student fees ,fee payment etc . In Fee management software module manage student fee and generate student fee receipt etc . Step:2nd – Fee management software Select define fee type option then add new fee type . you have to enter fee type select frequency and select fee status then […]

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Instant communication through School Messaging App

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School messaging app – In this era of technology where communication plays a key role in social interrelation, it has become an inseparable part of human life. With the advancement in satellite, communication life has become much easier and faster. Now people can communicate even from remote areas and information is in reach and easy to understand even for illiterate with the help of radio […]

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Multilingual school erp – a need of Indian schools

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Is single language feasible for school app and school erp software? Today technology has traversed a long way from giant computers to 5-inch mobile gadgets which delivers every functionality to perform a tedious task from anywhere. The vast inventions of technology have filled the huge craters of distance between people.It has brought this world to a small home of various creatures who can easily communicate with […]

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A positive impact of technology on education.

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Gone are the days when schools used to be one room building with classroom having old broken blackboard, chalks and teaching used to be in an old traditional way. In the present time schools have changed in a vivid manner with the use of technology in education. Education technology involves various kinds of interactive teaching method with smart boards,  advanced school management software and school […]

Student Information System deshboard

student information system , student file upload | ZeroERP

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Watch video on you tube https://youtu.be/Prhd4OLymoU step:1st – student information system select admission module then click registration option .If you think student information upload in excel format. so please student information create on excel file format and excel file upload in zero school software . Step:2nd – You have to download student log file and create student data file to same excel format . you have […]