How Schools Should be Ranked : Part 1

Every parent goes through a struggle to choose the best school for her kid and the process of finding the right school is a deep struggle to begin with. The shiny gloss education sector wears now a days hides the depth of knowledge . to the point where large , expensive schools are devoid of a good and efficient systems that can provide feedback on the education quality.

This article tries to explain the parameters required to evaluate a Good School and highlights Key Features of a Good School Management Software

And how a Good School App can help in the process of building an efficient school . Let’s look at some parameters that define a good school


Transparency is the corner stone of good education , A school that lacks conviction to be transparent lacks the basic building block for a good education. In general larger the school even lower  attention to be transparent. Transparency needs to be part and parcel of the culture than only a school can boast for a good ranking.

Transparency can be measured from two part .

  • Administrative transparency
  • Academic Transparency

Administrative transparency

How efficiently a school manages its operation and provides convenient options for parents and staff to engage with each other for a better targeted and coordinated manner without wasting tonnes of time is a important factor in evaluating Administrative Efficiency .

First Level Parameters

  • Does School Have efficient Fees Management system
  • Does school Provide Security mechanism for Fire and other natural or man made hazards
  • Does school have an efficient School bus tracking
  • Does school has an efficient Review and correction system for Staff and students
  • Staff Payroll system
  • Tracking well being of the staff through regular review systems

Second Level Parameters

  • Time management efficiency from the time a kid boards on a bus to the time it reaches home
  • How much percentage of time  a teacher spends in Teaching related activities compared to administrative work
  • What is the emotional maturity level of staff
  • Is staff trained and assessed for emotional strengths

Part 2 Building Innovation in Education

School Rankings

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