Exam and Result Management

PDF for  exam-management


  • Define Scholastic Grades
  • Define Co Scholastic Area
  • Define Co Scholastic Grade
  • Define Relation between Grade and Marks ( Grade Marks Setup )
  • Define Exam Type
  • Define ExamTerms and create mapping of Exam Terms with Exam Type with percent weightage
  • Setup Marksheet
  • Enter Exam Result for a exam type
  • View Exam Result
  • Print Marksheet
  • View Exam reports
  • Class wise View
  • Exam Report
  • Exam type wise
  • View Results on mobile app
  • Notify parents/student about exam schedule Notify parents / student about exam result

Scholastic Grades are defined for scholastic areas( Subjects ) Grades Are usually defined as A+ , A , B+ …….. etc. School can choose to have its own naming convention for grades also Fo example Excellent , good , ok, average etc. Grades can also be numbers like 10 , 9 , 8 , 7 ……


Education Institute wants to define correlation between Grade and Marks Marks Range for a grade can be defined in this activity. Institute needs to define what are the maximum marks a Exam is conducted for. For example if a Exam has 50 as Maximum marks , Grade A++ corresponds to 50-46 Range


Exam Type is a identifier for any Test / Exam / Assessment exercise which is conducted to assess student performance. Exam Type should be defined for all assessments where student needs to be given marks. All subjects/scholastic area assessment must be for an exam type.

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