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Transaction management software for school | ZeroERP Education

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Watch video on you tube Transaction management software  Step:1st-Transaction management software is managed school, colleges and coaching. these system records manage expense account and income account. Step:2nd-In transaction management software so please select expense option and create the expense account for school. Step:3rd- Add expense account value so please Click setting option and select master entry option. Step:4th- Add new master entry now you have to […]

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School ERP Front office management software | ZeroERP Education

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Watch video on you tube School front office management  Step:1st- Front office management software manages school visitor, school enquiry, and school complaint candidate record. so please select front office option and manage record. Step:2nd- Add call information in the front office management software. first of select user response and adds the mobile number, follow up date, user name, address etc then click the add button. […]


Benefits of cloud computing ERP in schools

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Cloud computing software is simply set of ERP applications that are provided to users over the internet. Users have to use the web browser to run this application. Usually, cloud based application is not installed on computer’s hard drive in an organization, it is installed over the internet at a remote location. Schools that have integrated cloud ERP for their day to day management processes have […]

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Fee Management in school-A responsibility

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Every school has a financial department which plays an important role in schools development and profit. It is the main sector which needs good employees with better understanding of fee related issues. Earlier in 90’s era when everything was done with hands and every record was kept on files, it used to be a tedious work to manage fees and require specialist to manage it. […]

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3 ways technology can transform Developing Countries

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Technology is revitalizing the global economy.It has been a transforming factor for many of the developing countries.It has helped move developing countries towards a sustainable growth, digitalization, better usage of non-renewable resources, innovative methods of recycling , providing basic amenities like roads, electricity,food, water which in turn benefit people of that nation. Still, many of the developing benefits of improved governance, digital availability, better healthcare […]

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Which is the best school management software in India

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Do you have this question- Which is the best school management software available in India?  ZeroERP is the best education management software for educational institutes.It is designed to manage school, college or coaching institute, It is a full-fledged school ERP that helps a school simplify all aspect of school management through a school app or a web app. parent teacher communication is simplified by the […]

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Does method of education in India need Improvement?

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Education is fundamental to human progress.It plays an important role in all around development of individuals as well as society. It plays a key role in creating patriotic, disciplined and productive manpower.It is one of the factor that counts for a country to be developed or developing. Literacy improves an overall growth of country and thus its governments duty to provide a good and unbiased […]

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Enabling educators through Technology

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Education should be the key to open doors of innovation, and educators and teachers are the hand that guide it. It can be safely concluded that an educational institute is as good as the teacher which ignite the passion of learning in the student. The teacher enables the student to ask the question and become a knowledge seeker. The relation between student and teacher is […]

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Rural Education in India

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Majority of population still lives in rural areas ie. 70% of total population (around 90 crores live in villages and 40 crore in cities) is the estimate of a census of Indias Provisional Population Totals of Rural of Rural-Urban Distribution in the country. According to the statistics number of students are increasing in school and colleges in rural areas but in contrast to this their […]

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How Digital India impact on Education Sector

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The power of technology can never be denied. With the population of 1.31 billion people in a country, the ratio to technology driven citizens has highly increased in last decade.With approx 140 million mobile phone users and being a country for the second most social site users, India has an immense opportunity to grow in this field and to grasp the positive vibes of technology […]