Is single language feasible for school app and school erp software?

Today technology has traversed a long way from giant computers to 5-inch mobile gadgets which delivers every functionality to perform a tedious task from anywhere. The vast inventions of technology have filled the huge craters of distance between people.It has brought this world to a small home of various creatures who can easily communicate with each other, move to other places or simply perform their work online. The Internet is one of the powerful tools of technology which has connected millions of people altogether. This made our world to shrink in a small size in terms of connections. SO Nowadays everything is available online and not far away than just a single click.

But does the information provided by a nation in their native language easily understood by the people of other nation or nation like India where there is a change in language, culture, religion, food after every 100 km?

This is what differentiates human race- the boundaries set by nature, the different continent, culture, language, gender, economic differences, literacy rate and much more. Every region has their native language to speak and work. This is where technology gets a setback if a software or any technical invention is not understood by people all over the world or in the same nation like India. If they are not able to take advantage of new software’s then it is a drawback in this era of technical advancement. So every new invention or development must be done by keeping everyone in mind.

This is an important factor to make your software multilingual. So that it is not a single nation software, it has to be a worldwide usable product so that people from anywhere can benefit from it. For nations like india, it has to include native language of states in order to be feasible with people who only have knowlegde about their native area language.

This was kept in mind while developing our school app and school erp software. It is made multilingual so that it can be used by anybody from anywhere at anyplace. To use this software user does not need to learn a specific language instead they can use this school app according to their known language. This makes this app easy and feasible for every user.

Multilingual school erp – a need of Indian schools