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Class and section management Step:1st – In Class and section management system Create class & section for school. class and section is the most important section of the school. enter class Step:2nd – Add a new class name in Class and section management system, then click the add button. The class is added in school class list successfully. you have to change and update class name please click the class name. Step:3rd – You have to change class name in school please enter the new class name and click the update button. school class name is updated successfully. create section Step:4th-You have to create the section for school please select section option. Select the class name and enter section name. Click on save button, and school section name created successfully. edit update Step:5th – School section name created successfully and listing school section name. you have to change section name in school please click section name. update section Step:6th – You have to change section name please enter new section name and click update button .section name changed and updated successfully. school section list Step:7th – School section name update successfully, and listed all section name.

Class and section management in ZeroERP School app