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School academic calendar step:1st – You have to create school calendar and manage school time and date in school academic calendar . please click calendar icon then add new calendar in school software then manage date and time . create calendar step:2nd – Add new calendar so please enter calendar title name and select calendar color and you have to select calendar start date and select calendar end date then click add button new calendar add successfully. calendar list Step:3st- In School academic calendar listing all calendar list then if in case you have to change calendar detail so please click edit button then display calendar previous information . update calendar Step:4rd- Now you have enter new title for calendar and select new color . select new calendar start date and time then select new calendar end date and time . please click add button and calendar information update successfully . Step:5th- All school calendar list shown then you have to search important date in calendar so please enter calendar date in search box and click enter button date display successfully . then you have to delete any calendar information please click cross button then calendar information delete successfully . print calendar list Step:6th – You have to print all calendar list so please click print button then all calendar list print successfully . calendar list show Step:7th – In School academic calendar All calendar list print successfully and display all calendar title ,calendar start date and calendar end date . display calendar Step:8th- You have to click in calendar your start date and time then you calendar title display successfully .

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