About Us

Simplified education is the goal of ZeroERP.

No children should be left behind in receiving education and no educational institute be it college, school or university should lack the technological tools to optimize education delivery. Our emphasis is on simplification of operation through technology and provide a platform for everyone to excel in their core work.

ZeroERP aims to reach every corner of the world through our education management software and our learning tools to enable the teachers and educators across the world deliver best quality education in their local environment without worrying about management of infrastructure and complexity in technology handling. Our Educational software covers all aspects of an educational institute and allows it to involve every stakeholder for delivering the best quality.

Good quality education to everyone is the most important goal of a stable and peaceful society, for that we need to transcend the barrier of money, geography, and social structure. school management software by zeroerp coupled with school app is a complete ERP that covers 360 degrees of education.

Arnavz Edutech Ltd. helps enterprises build great solutions around the web, mobile and cloud technologies. We intend to create tangible value for our customers by not only developing bespoke applications but also consulting them by understanding their business objectives.

Arnavz Edutech Ltd. is creating the best in class web and mobile solutions with its product development initiatives for some of the most exciting startups and enterprises globally.

We are fundamentally passionate about Web development. We are an experienced team, wishing to stay young and explosive. We are crazy about productive Agile development and we adopt the best development practices. We believe that development is crap without unit testing, without automated acceptance tests and without a continuous integration. We’ve rejected rigid corporate models in favor of collaboration, accessibility, and transparency in everything we do.

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