Online School management software

ZeroERP Education is an online school management software based on cloud server which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. It has some of the features specially for particular type of institute.It has covered all as aspect of administration, management,communication, support, transport.

Access school management software app anytime and anywhere now on your smartphone

ZeroERP offers you an online school management software app that you can access from your smartphone so as to connect the parents and students with the faculties and school/college administration.

  • It is a smart solution for parents, students, faculties, and school administration as well.
  • With the help of this mobile application, you can have access to complete college or school management just from a single device. No matter where you go, you can always stay connected with what is happening in your school or college.

online school management software

Features offered by Online school management software at ZeroERP:

  • Displaying student profile: School management application has a feature to display the profile of every student that contains the photograph, contact details, parent’s details, address, class incharge details, course details and emergency contact so that school administration or faculty could be able to grab the details of students in any emergency situations
  • Attendance managementAttendance management feature in the application for school management keeps track of the student’s attendance and notifies the parents via message or email if the student is absent or bunks the class.
  •  School calendarThere are many schools that also provide the school calendar in the school administration android application in advance so that parents could plan their vacation according to the vacations mentioned in the calendar.
  •  Fees management: Fees management is one of the biggest features of school management application because it is beneficial for both student and school administration. Parents can pay the fees of their children without rushing to the school or bank and school administration can be updated with the fees status of students. Fees management sends the notification to the parents if fees of any student remain due.
  •  Time-table management: With the help of time-table management, faculty can be able to view time-table and edit time-table. Also, it helps to notify the faculty if he or she has to take a class in replacement of absent faculty.
  • Result management: Result management makes it possible for the faculties to upload the result of a student on the software so that both student and parent could be able to view the performance of the student in examinations.
  • HR or payroll management: HR management feature present in the school management software app take care of the attendance of staff and is helpful in the management of leaves accordingly. It is also useful in maintaining the payroll of the faculty in school or college.
  • Smart Homework: This feature has made it easier for students to submit their homework or assignments online as it is also difficult for faculties to maintain so many papers. Therefore, a faculty can grade a student just by reading the assignment submitted by a student anytime and anywhere.
    ZeroERP is one of the leading online school management software providers for colleges, schools and various other educational institutes. If you are looking to get online school management software app for your staff, students and parents, then ZeroERP may help you in developing the best school administration android application that can save your time to visit the school administration physically again and again.