College Management Software for Android

ZeroERP helps to provide a college management software for android users so as to manage and automate all campus related functions, administration, and other functions in an effective manner.

Features offered by College Management Software android:

  • Increased stability: ZeroERP develops the best college management software that offers high and robust scalability that stands well on the expectations of increasing number of colleges and schools. Therefore, this software is appropriate for all colleges, whether they are new or already established with numerous students.
  • Amazing flexibility: Choosing ZeroERP can be very flexible for you as it provides you the flexibility to customize the software on the basis of your needs and requirements so as to run a smooth and efficient software.
  • Great support services: ZeroERP has a great team of support service providers who are dedicated to solve any type of queries or issues in an effective manner. So, we offer great support services to our client without any restriction of time and distance.
  • Advanced and better reporting: With the help of effective and better reports, decisions can be made by administrations in an easier and better way. Therefore, ZeroERP is capable of offering the diverse reporting that can make it easy for the administration to make decisions so as to manage all the college related operations.
college management software

What all College Management Software android offers?

  • Module for Admission: ZeroERP develops an Admission module in such a way that people could perform hassle free admission procedure in which a person can be able to admit a student, pay fees of a student, generate ID card or even to cancel the admission of a student.
  • Module for fee management: Fee management module developed by ZeroERP is so efficient that parents can be able to pay fees of their children without rushing to banks or campus and it also makes it easy for the administration department to keep track of the fee submitted by the students on the servers or database rather than keeping track of it on the pieces of a paper.
  • Module for HR and Payroll: The module for HR and Payroll developed by ZeroERP helps to gather the information of staff of college related to salary, leaves, attendance on the basis of the biometric system in the college. It makes it possible to automate the process of evaluation of monthly salary on the basis of a number of days present in the college.
  • Module for Online Feedback: Students in every organization have a right to raise their voice for enhancing the organization’s structure. Therefore, the module for online feedback makes it possible for the students to give their precious feedback so that college could make improvements accordingly.
  • Module for staff teaching plan: The module for staff teaching plan can make it possible for staff to manage their teaching plan, time table , and planning of lessons.
  • Module for Student performance analysis: The module for analysis of student performance helps to analyze the performance of students by advising the students on the basis of their grades and to manage the curriculum.

At ZeroERP, our team of efficient developers understand the need of people and therefore, offers the college management software android as there is a great demand for android phones and people like to access everything on their mobile phones. So, get the best management software for college at best prices from ZeroERP.