Accounting Software App for School and Colleges

Manage finance of colleges and schools with the best Accounting software for colleges and schools
ZeroERP offers the best solution to numerous schools and colleges for managing the finance so as to make accounting process simpler and faster. The accounting software for colleges developed by ZeroERP makes it possible to reduce the administration time, to simplify all book-keeping tasks so that institutes have enough time to work on improving their business.

Accounting features offered by ZeroERP:

  • Researching and recording income: School accounting software makes it possible to research and then record the income earned by the institute on the weekly or monthly basis so that administration could enhance the sales accordingly.
  • Maintaining bank account: The accounting software for colleges keeps track of the transactions occurring in your bank account. So, a bank account can be easily maintained using the accounting software.
  • Money transfer: If you need to transfer money to some other vendor for availing any service, you can do it via accounting software offered by ZeroERP.
  • Desktop or web-based software: Whether you need a desktop application or a web-based software, you may get any of the solutions for accounting purposes from ZeroERP.
  • Preparation of financial reports: With the help of our best school accounting software, you can be able to prepare the monthly or weekly financial reports that display the profits you have earned and losses you have faced in terms of finance.
  • Tracking expenditure: With the help of automated accounting software, you can be able to keep track of the amount of money you have spent for various purposes on the weekly or monthly basis.

Why avail Accounting software for colleges and schools at ZeroERP?

  • Training: Our skilled developers, at ZeroERP, can provide training to your staff on the usage of the school accounting software so that you could be benefited from the amazing features of the accounting services.
  • 24/7 Support: Our support service providers are present for round the clock so that if you have any issues or queries, those issues or queries can be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • No installation cost: We, at ZeroERP, don’t cost any charges for installation of accounting software in colleges and schools.
  • Secure environment: We, at ZeroERP, take care of the security standards and so provide the secure software that keeps all your confidential and sensitive information safe. So, ZeroERP prevents you from all types of fraudulent activities.
  • No need of hiring an accountant: You don’t need to hire any account specialist as anyone can be an accountant by just gaining knowledge of the accounting software offered by us.

ZeroERP is expert in developing the best accounting software for schools and colleges. With the help of accounting software offered by us, you may be able to prepare financial reporting of your school and college in less time. Therefore, we help you in enhancing your productivity by reducing the manual efforts. So, get the best accounting software for colleges at attractive prices from ZeroERP.